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Hemp R&D and QA/QC testing

Grow with confidence

The most successful hemp brands constantly innovate.

Whether you’re improving an existing product’s formulation or coming up with an entirely new envelope-pushing product, SC Labs has helped many brands evaluate their new products.

Our hemp testing solutions are also a great way to uncover manufacturing or supplied input issues, to help you avoid product inconsistencies that undermine brand loyalty.

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The SC Labs difference

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Integrated Technology Platform

Why struggle with calls and emails? SC Labs uses a cutting-edge digital Client Service Portal (CSP) to keep you up to date in real-time.

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Results Delivered Quickly

We’re committed to providing 3-day standard turnaround, and both 1- and 2-day rush options on most tests.

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Distribution Focused

Your SC Labs client service team is hyper-focused on helping you get products into the markets you desire. We’ll build a testing program that is based on your distribution model.

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Technical Services and Support

If your results are unexpected, we’ll conduct root cause analysis, data reviews, and create a remediation strategy for all failing results.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) and R&D Testing

Taking a queue from major food and beverage brands, hemp-infused brands are emulating the same production processes as their brethren. And it makes sense. Pulling quality control samples off the production line for QA/QC testing ensures consistent quality. Using the same lab that conducted the testing during R&D only further ensures consistent and accurate results.

R&D and QA/QC testing is a self-performed process and does not require lab staff to complete sampling. There are several a la carte test options, too, so you can focus on the tests that matter most.

Cannabis testing flower and oil

Customizable options to fit your needs

With the nation’s most complete quality assurance hemp testing services available, choose from bundled compliance panels, or customize a panel with the tests you need, such as expanded series of pesticides, residual solvents, microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, and more.

What can we test?

  • hemp flowers
  • concentrates
  • leaves
  • e-liquids/vape oils
  • crystallized isolates
  • liquid and solid infused products
  • coconut oils
  • tinctures
  • edibles
  • beeswax
  • rolling papers
  • chocolate
  • food additives
  • terpenes
  • soil
  • and more

Sample Size Requirements

To ensure that our testing is as accurate and reliable as possible, SC Labs has various sample size requirements that must be met for each test we conduct. These requirements may vary from laboratory to laboratory and based on the product or test being conducted.

If your sample does not meet weight and volume requirements, testing may not be possible, or test results may be affected.

Hemp Test Packages

Package NameMinimum Weight
Basic QA Package - Flower12 g
Basic QA Package - Product (Concentrate)11 g
Basic QA Package - Product (Infused)21 g
Hemp Safety Panel - Standard - Flower15 g
Hemp Safety Panel - Standard - Inhalable Product9 g
Hemp Safety Panel - Non-Inhalable Product21 g
Comprehensive QA Panel - Flower16 g
Comprehensive QA Panel - Product (Concentrate)*15 g
Comprehensive QA Panel - Product (Infused)25 g
Pre-Harvest Hemp Potency Analysis5 g

Individual Test Panels

Panel NameMinimum Weight
Cannabinoids - Concentrate1 g
Cannabinoids - Infused10 g / 10 mL
Cannabinoids - Flower5 g
Trace THC - Infused10 g
Trace THC - Concentrate5 g
Trace THC - Flower5 g
Terpenes - Pure Terpenes / Essential Oils1 g
TerpenesSame as Cannabinoids
Pesticide Panel - Comprehensive2 g
Pesticides Panel - Standard2 g
Pesticides Panel - Basic2 g
Micro Extraction10 g
Mycotoxins2 g
Residual Solvents Panel - Comprehensive1 g
Residual Solvents Panel - Standard1 g
Heavy Metals2 g
Metals Panel -Trace Elements2 g
Hop Latent Viroid Testing2" stem or 1 full fan leaf
Vitamin E1 g
Microbiological Panel - Comprehensive8 g
Microbiological Panel - Expanded6 g
Microbiological Panel - Standard6 g
Foreign Material
Moisture Content4 g
Water Activity2 g

A la Carte Microbiological Assays

Microbiological Assay NameMinimum Weight
Aspergillus2 g
Aerobic Bacteria2 g
Bile-Tolerant Gram-Negative Bacteria2 g
Campylobacter Spp2 g
Candida Albicans2 g
Coliforms2 g
E. Coli2 g
Enterobacteriaceae2 g
Listeria Monocytogenes2 g | 10 g
Psuedomonas Aeruginosa2 g
Salmonella2 g | 25 g
Salmonella + STEC (Micro2)2 g
Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli (STEC)2 g | 25 g
Staphylococcus Aureus2 g
Staphylococcus Spp2 g
Total Yeast and Mold2 g
Yersinia Spp2 g