Chronic Customer Program

About This Program

The Chronic Customer Program is special for our frequent testers.

If you test more than 25 compliance panels each month, you qualify for volume discounts, priority service, and perks such as having a dedicated Lab Liaison whose sole job is to make your experience easy.

  Customer Pricing
  Monthly Sample Requirements
Compliance Packages Regular Price 25-50 >50
Flower $625 $450 $425
Concentrates $700 $475 $450
Pre-Productionsource materials $500 $275 $250
Post-Productionconsumer products $250 $225 $200

Pricing as of October 2022. Subject to change at any time. Contact the lab to confirm pricing.

Chronic Customer Program

When are Discounts Applied?

Discounts are applied at the time of billing (when orders are submitted).

What Happens if I Don't Meet the Monthly Requirement?

Your Lab Liaison will communicate with you regularly to avoid surprises.

If there is a month where it looks like you may not meet the testing minimum, you can discuss whether you plan on submitting more orders or not.

If you don't meet the minimum, there is a one month grace period to increase testing to the agreed-upon level before pricing is adjusted based on your current order volume.

For example, if you've been testing 55 panels each month, but you only need to do 40 going forward, your pricing will adjust to the "25-50 Tests" price.

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